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Asian Business Accounting--ABA is a professional provider of Accounting and Financial Business services to individuals and small businesses. Founded in 1996 by Mrs. Nisa Boonmee.

Established in Bangkok in 1996, ABA entered the market through a series of strategic acquisitions. After more than ten years of providing a one-stop shopping experience to its clients.

These multidisciplinary offerings cover everything a small business owner would need: bookkeeping and tax return preparation, audit and reviews, labor legal, financial and tax advice, accounting systems, business consulting.

Now in its tenth year of providing a one-stop shopping experience to clients, ABA has firmly established the business model to carry out its vision of becoming the premier outsourcing company for small businesses: the combining of the warm, strong contact of neighborhood professionals with the efficiency of today's technology and offering an array of services along 6 business lines: Accounting and Financial Reporting, Tax, Business Counseling, Financial Management, training Services and Accounting Recruitment.

Unique in its ability to provide business services to small businesses and individuals at a very reasonable monthly fee.
The vision of becoming the premier outsourcing company for small businesses and in so doing, the company has reinvented the concept of the small business advisor. Where authority once dictated that the processing of client work be completed in-house by generalists, now specialists in centralized processing centers are the preferred, more effective choice.

ABA welcomes the changes as the natural progression of a more intellectual and more technologically advanced business world. Our vision seizes these challenges and works to integrate solutions for the developing business model that will service the businesses of the future. After more than four years of providing a one-stop shopping experience to our clients, ABA has developed a uniquely integrated set of applications enabling small businesses to put more focus on managing their core business while accountants get more time to advise them.
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