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Accounts Payables Bank Reconciliation
Accounts Receivables Management Repor ts
Bill Payment Balance Sheet
Bookkeeping/Write-Up Income Statement
Cheque Processing Cash Flow Statement
Cash Receipts Processing Customized Reports
Detailed General Ledgers After the Fact Payroll
Payroll Registers Quarterly Reports
Cheque Registers Year-End Report Generation

3. My situation involves (Tick all that apply)


A. My relationship with my current accountant :

I don't know enough about what my current accountant does. My current accountant is late with my financials or in getting back to me.

I don't feel I'm getting enough value from my current accountant for the fees I pay.

  B. My time management situation :
The time I'm spending on record keeping is interfering with my business goals.

I feel like I'm recording sales, revenue and expense items several times in too many places.

I'm not sure what priorities to place on record keeping tasks or how much time I should be spending on them.

C. My business operations :


I have difficulty tracking financial information such where my sales come from or what expenses I have or what money is owed to me, etc.


I have difficulty knowing how much cash I have at any point in time and this causes me difficulties in paying my bills.


I do not have a budget or I have difficulty following my budget.


D. My taxes :


I am paying too much in taxes!


I never know what to pay in taxes until it's too late.


I need better techniques to manage tax liabilities and payments over the year.


E. Other (Please describe) :

4. Feel free to make any comments or ask any questions you may have :
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It's easy to get started using ABA’s Services. Here's how

Contact Us Today
Call one of our representatives now on 0 2930 3859 or 0 2512 6088. Our customer care representatives will be happy to answer any questions about the level of services that you may need, and discuss ways that our professionals can help your company with any of your accounting and financial reporting requirements. One of the important roles of our customer care representatives is to help determine which of our offices are best suited to you, as not all services are performed at each office.

You can also email us at info@asianaccounting.com or call us at 0 2930 3859 or 0 2512 6088

Make an Appointment To Meet With an ABA owner
Once you have decided that you would welcome ABA as a partner in your business, the next step is to have your local office owner/manager meet with you at your place of business. It's easier for you and you don't have to transport any of your documents or records.

Discuss Your Needs with Us
Our ABA professional will help assess your business and your reporting needs. It would be helpful to have the following documents on hand

  • Current financial reports, if any
• Your checkbook
• Any prior year tax returns, if any
• Any prior payroll tax reports, if any

That's it! We'll walk you through our System, show you the different options you have, and get you started as quickly and easily as possible.

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