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Asian Business Accounting--ABA CONSULTING
Can provide you with a range of services; from strategic business planning to working capital management. The services provided are designed into modules and packages that best meet the customers' specific requirements. For instances, we can undertake to do the payroll administration or analysis and preparation of financial statements rather than full accounting services if the latter is not required by you. This ensures the customer obtains value for money and also provides flexibility for his own business planning and management. We can also install and implement accounting systems, from the simplest accounting packages to multi-users multi-currencies manufacturing systems. ABA is currently one of the Simply Accounting Certified Consultant in Thailand. You can be assured that we will provide you with all the technical support and management training required to ensure that your business and systems operate effectively and economically. You will also have access to our associate firms for technical and management assistance where new areas of expertise are necessary to meet our specific requirements.

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